Sunday, December 20, 2009

Business Process Management (Part-2 Business Process Modelling[Chapter V Process Choreographies ] ) Sec J -- By Mathias Weske

Let’s Dance

Petri nets were used to express process choreographies.
The main idea was to show the behavioural interfaces for the participants
of a process choreography and their interconnection using message flow. As
an alternative to modelling behavioural interfaces, languages for expressing
interaction models directly have been designed. The main difference to modelling
connected behavioural interfaces is that interactions are used as basic
building blocks for choreographies, and behavioural dependencies are defined
between these interactions.
Let’s Dance is a choreography language following this interaction-centric
approach. It is based on control flow patterns and service interaction patterns.
Control flow specification is the main focus, so the language abstracts
from concrete message formats. Let’s Dance comes with two different diagram
types for supporting high-level modelling of process choreographies through
milestones and for modelling detailed collaboration scenarios.

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